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Propecia® Side Effects Continue After Stopping the Medication Says Study

The hair-loss drug Propecia® may have side effects that last much longer than previously thought, according to researchers at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

For some men, according to the scientists’ article appearing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the side effects can last from months to years after they have stopped taking the medication.

Fifty-four men younger than age 40 said in interviews that the side effects lasted three months or longer after taking Propecia® to treat hair loss. The men said that before taking the drug they had no sexual, medical, or psychiatric problems.

Ninety-six percent of the men said the sexual problems continued for more than a year after they stopped taking Propecia®. The men in the study took the hair loss drug from a few weeks to years.

The side effects reported included erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, problems attaining orgasm, shrinking and painful genitals, and psychological problems including depression, anxiety and mental fogginess.

"Our findings make me suspicious that this drug may have done permanent damage to these men," said Dr. Michael Irwig, the author of the study.

Irwig warned that perhaps the only men participating in the study were those most affected by the agent. He said he obtained his subjects through PropeciaHelp, an online discussion among men whose side effects were the most persistent.

Propecia® (finasteride) blocks testosterone from changing to a more powerful form of the hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is known to be associated with hair loss. Finasteride was first developed in 1992 to treat enlarged prostates. Merck sold the original medication as Proscar®.

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Lawsuit Alleges Propecia Sexual Side Effects

A man in Washington filed a product liability lawsuit against Merck & Co., alleging that the hair loss drug Propecia® caused him to develop sexual side effects.

Paul Dawson, 26, filed a Propecia® lawsuit on Aug. 28, 2011, claiming that he experienced a number of sexual side effects, including impotence, erectile dysfunction and infertility after using the drug for a short time. According to the suit, Dawson started using Propecia® in February 2008 and reported sexual side effects to his doctor in August 2008.

Dawson claims that he continues to suffer from sexual side effects, including loss of sexual sensation, decreased semen, erectile dysfunction and testicular pain. He also claims that he’s experienced emotional side effects as well.

Propecia® is a drug to treat male pattern baldness. Researchers have shown that Propecia® can lead to sexual side effects in some users. The latest research shows that in some men, the side effects can be persistent and may be permanent.

If you or someone you love has suffered sexual side effects after taking Propecia®, you deserve to be compensated. Contact our Propecia® attorneys to find out if you qualify to file a lawsuit.

Propecia Might be Linked to Male Breast Cancer, Says Health Canada

Canadian health officials issued a Propecia® warning on Aug. 4, 2011 to notify the public about a possible risk of male breast cancer from side effects of the hair loss drug Propecia®.

Health Canada announced that medications containing finasteride as an active ingredient might put patients at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The group claims that there have been reports of male breast cancer in several patients that have used the hair loss treatments.

Health Canada said while there is not enough evidence to definitively link the male pattern baldness drugs to male breast cancer, people using the drugs should report any changes in their breasts to their doctor as soon as possible.

Propecia® has also been associated with a number of sexual side effects, including erectile dysfunction, low libido, impotence and problems with orgasm.

For more information about the potential risks, contact our Propecia® lawyers today.

Propecia Sexual Side Effects Might be Permanent

Merck’s popular hair loss drug Propecia® (finasteride) might cause persistent sexual side effects in some users, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Data from the study suggests that sexual dysfunction may persist in users after they stop using the drug.

The study was conducted by Assistant Professor of Medicine Dr. Michael S. Irwig from George Washington University and Dr. Swapna Kolukula of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

George Washington Today, a university publication, reported that Dr. Irwig first became aware of the sexual side effects of Propecia® when he met several men who claimed they had suffered sexual dysfunction after stopping the drug.

The study involved 71 participants between the ages of 21 and 46. Dr. Irwig interviewed the participants to determine how long they took Propecia® and what side effects they experienced. Dr. Irwig noted that 94 percent of the men said they experienced a decreased sex drive, 92 percent said they experienced erectile dysfunction and 69 percent said they experienced problems related to orgasm.

According to the results, the participants took the drug for an average of 28 months and experienced the side effects for an average of 40 months.

Results from the study raise concerns that the side effects of Propecia® might be permanent in some users.

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