Propecia® and Impotence

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Propecia® (the generic name is finasteride) is a medication used to treat baldness in men. It also is used to treat an enlarged prostate. The drug works by reducing a particular androgen or male sex hormone, DHT. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is the androgen whose presence in some people is responsible for male pattern baldness.

Propecia® works by blocking the production of DHT. Some people's hair follicles are more susceptible to the presence of DHT. In adult males, however, androgen is important for sexual function.

According to a researcher at Boston University, professor Abdulmaged Traish, some men who took finasteride or another hair loss drug, dutasteride (brand name Avodart), experienced sexual side effects, including:

Propecia® and Impotence

One side effect of using Propecia® is a reduction in the amount of ejaculate, which contain sperm. This can lead to impotence in a small number of patients.

Some recent studies by researchers at Boston University, published in the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine have shown:

  • 8 percent of men taking the hair loss drugs said they experienced erectile dysfunction
  • 4.2 percent reported that they had reduced libido

Of even greater concern, according to the Boston University researcher is that in some patients these problems with sexual side effects did not go away once the men stopped taking the drug. Professor Traish's research group arrived at their data by doing searches of the medical literature.

Other Sexual Side Effects

Besides impotence, other sexual side effects experienced by some men included loss of libido and reduced ejaculation and semen volume. These problems seemed to lead to depression in some patients. For those men whose side effects appeared to be permanent.

"It's a life sentence," said professor Traish. "No sex. No desire. Potential depression."

Professor Traish said that just about every man who uses these medications has some of these side effects to a certain extent. However, the side effects are more serious in some than in others.

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